Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Shorts Video!!

YouTube Shorts: The Ideal Video Dimensions

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What image size should YouTube Shorts video have? Is it possible to make square pictures and yet have them appear on the YouTube app’s Shorts shelf? Continue reading to learn more.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube has introduced YouTube Shorts, a new category of short-form video content. This new “Story” format, or vertical micro-content, joins Instagram Reels, TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook Stories as the latest new features.

YouTube Shorts are a vertical video type that features micro-content and lasts up to 60 seconds. These YouTube videos, which were first released in 2020, are designed to be seen on smartphones since they are filmed vertically in a 9:16 aspect ratio and fill the whole screen of most smartphones, providing an immersive watching experience. Furthermore, with the YouTube app, anybody can create YouTube Shorts from anywhere in the world.

What Is The Right Size For YouTube Shorts?

The following are the two criteria:

Resolution: 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels.

Ratio: 9:16 to create a vertical format

Why Should Creators Use YouTube Shorts?

This is a great approach to boost engagement on the channel. It is essential to include YouTube shorts video in the YouTube marketing strategy to increase the chances of the channel’s visibility in both profile and video views.

Where To Find YouTube Shorts Video?

There are a few sites on YouTube where you can locate all of the Shorts, whether you’re looking for the ones you’ve made and posted or the ones done by others.

It is visible on YouTube’s homepage, the shorts tab, subscription page etc.

YouTube Shorts Video

Where To Use YouTube Shorts Video?

YouTube Shorts may be used as pre-rolls for your channel’s lengthier content. Pre-rolls are typically appealing for viewers to watch more of the actual content, improving the channel’s video views.

YouTube Shorts also allows creators to recycle existing videos to retain viewers by presenting them in a new manner. You may even recycle your video on social media platforms like Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, or TikTok if you’re feeling frugal. Just adjust the video’s aspect ratio to fit different social media sites.

Where Will You Find Shorts Live On The YouTube App?

On your smartphone, At the bottom of your phone screen, adjacent to your home tab, is the YouTube Shorts tab. Select the Shorts option and navigate the Shorts stream like TikTok and Instagram Reels. In addition, users may browse the creator’s uploaded shorts by tapping on their profile image or name.

How To Create YouTube Shorts Video?

Follow the steps below to create a YouTube shorts video:

Sign In To Your YouTube Account

You can create a Shorts video directly from your smartphone.

At the bottom of your screen, press the + plus button. A pull-up box will open with options to create. For example, you have the option of uploading a video, creating a short, or going live. Select Create a Short from the drop-down menu.

It’s now time to start working on your YouTube video. To begin filming your YouTube Short, touch the red record button. Alternatively, you may submit a vertical video less than 60 seconds long by hitting the little box on the bottom left, which will display the clips on your smartphone.

YouTube Shorts


Content creators must make the most of this new feature of YouTube Shorts video. We have provided you with all the information regarding YouTube shorts. You can create simple YouTube Shorts videos or repurpose old videos to market your content better. With this strategy, you can definitely up your game to boost engagement for your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can YouTube Shorts be monetized?

Ans. There is no direct way to monetize your Shorts video, unlike the regular YouTube videos. But it can be a great approach to increase your channels views, which can ultimately increase your reach to your audience.

Q.2 How do I get Shorts on YouTube?

Ans. Sign in to the YT account.

Tap the + sign in the bottom centre, the Create button.
Tap Create a Short, which has a camera symbol next to it, in the pop-up.

Q.3 Do YouTube Shorts get more views?

Ans. If done correctly, YouTube shorts may increase your channel’s subscriber count and can be used at any stage of the channel’s lifespan. There are several examples of channels increasing or tripling their subscriber numbers due to the popularity of their shorts.

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