How to Create the Best YouTube Profile Picture for Your YT Channel?

How do you make a profile picture for YouTube? How do I put a picture on my YouTube channel?

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The YouTube Profile picture carries your identity on YouTube. There are more than 38 million channels on YT, and if you want your channel to stand out, you need to have a distinctive YouTube channel profile picture. Here are some tips that you can follow and create your desired YT Profile Picture. We will also discuss how to change the YouTube Profile Picture; if you already have one but like to replace it with a new one, this blog is for you!

Tips on How to Make a YouTube Profile Picture

  1. While creating a YouTube channel profile picture, remember you’re actually preparing a brand for yourself. Therefore, it would be best to make a distinctive profile picture since it visualizes your YouTube channel.
  2. When making your channel logo or using your image in the profile picture, you should use contrasting colors.
  3. Use fonts that are easily readable. Avoid using stylish and cursive fonts because it is difficult for your viewer to read or understand. Remember, most people who use YouTube utilize their phones to watch videos; therefore, the font should be visible.
  4. Maintain the YouTube profile picture size. The size of the YT profile picture size should be 800×800 pixels.

It was easy to answer your question on how to make a YouTube Profile Picture. But yes.. making your YouTube channel profile picture is as simple as it was for us to jot down these tips.

Steps on How to Change Your YouTube Picture

Follow these steps on how to change your YouTube picture:

1. Click on the user icon on YouTube. Sign in to YouTube Studio

how to change your youtube picture

2. Once you open YT Studio, click on the user icon to upload your YouTube channel profile picture.

youtube channel profile picture

3. Tap ‘customization.’

youtube studio

4. Select ‘Branding

youtube channel branding

5. Click on the ‘upload’ profile picture.

yt profile picture

6. Choose the image from your device that you wish to upload. YT allows you to adjust the image in the circle.

yt channel profile picture


7. Once you have adjusted the image, click on ‘Done.’ But remember, you need to keep the YouTube profile picture size in mind i.e. 800×800.

youtube profile picture size


Now that you know how o create a YouTube profile picture go ahead and make one if you haven’t already. As we mentioned above, your profile picture and YouTube banner create the first impression for your viewers. Hence you need to be creative and make a distinctive image for your YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put a profile picture on your YouTube channel?

  1. Click on your User icon
  2. Select ‘Your Channel’
  3. Now tap on ‘Customize channel’
  4. Select ‘Branding’
  5. Click on ‘Upload’ for the YT profile picture
  6. Choose the picture you want to add.
  7. Adjust the image in the circle. Click on ‘Done’

How do you make a good YouTube channel icon?

  1. Make sure your channel icon is 800×800 pixels
  2. Use only jpg, png, GIF, and BMP
  3. Your image should be copyright free

How do I make a good profile picture?

  1. Use your portrait image
  2. Crop your image appropriately
  3. Avoid using a group image as your YT profile picture
  4. Do not upload a selfie
  5. Try using the same picture on all your social media platforms

How do I make my own profile picture?

  1. If you are taking your picture, make sure you click a picture in soft and natural light.
  2. Use a neutral or simple background.
  3. Avoid taking selfies
  4. Try clicking pictures in various angles.
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