How to stop YouTube From Pausing in 2022?

How to turn off YouTube auto pause? Why does my YouTube keep pausing itself?

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Wondering how to stop youtube from pausing?

What’s worse than YouTube pausing your video playlist and killing the vibe just to ask, “Video paused. Continue Watching?”

Exasperating, isn’t it?

YouTube auto-pauses your video if it detects inactivity on the platform for a long time to confirm if you are still watching or have you dozed off?  YouTube usually pauses to check just as a new video is starting to cause the least disturbance; however, it might just pause your videos midway.

A simple “Yes” can restart your YouTube video. However, you might be busy doing something else, due to which you can’t hit the “Yes” right away.

It is understandable why YouTube would implement this feature, as videos that aren’t being watched result in more traffic and no ad revenue.

But from a user perspective, the feature is downright annoying. What’s worse is that it’s not possible to disable the auto-pause feature from the YouTube settings. Instead, you need to find an external solution to stop YouTube from pausing your videos.

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How to Stop YouTube From Asking if You Want to “Continue Watching”?

The only way to prevent YouTube from pausing your video is by using a pause blocker extension.

Turn YouTube’s auto-pause off via an extension.

Several browser extensions boast of preventing YouTube from pausing your video, but not all of them deliver what they initially promised, nonstop YouTube. (Surprise! surprise!)

“AutoTube- YouTube nonstop” is not one of those. However, it’s a credible extension, and it successfully helps you disable the “video paused. continue watching” message. The extension from Moe Kanan is available for both Chrome and Firefox. However, if AutoTube doesn’t work for you, it’s not the only extension out there. You can find other extensions that block YouTube from pausing videos.

There is no other way to prevent YouTube from stopping your video from asking if you want to continue watching other than these pause blocker extensions. This means you can’t bypass the auto-pause setting on mobile phones and TV.

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Thanks to AutoTube, you can watch YouTube nonstop on your PC, Laptop without YouTube bugging you every 2-3 hours by asking, “Video paused. Continue watching?”

However, this relief is only available when using YouTube on the browser. You can’t watch YouTube nonstop on the app on your mobile phones(Android and ios) and TV.

Here’s what to do when you get the “An error occurred. Please try again later” screen on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: You cannot stop YouTube from pausing on Tv.

Ans: There is no feature or hack to stop YouTube from pausing on iPhone as the only way that works is via a browser extension.

Q3.How To Prevent YouTube From Pausing Automatically?

Ans: You can prevent YouTube from pausing automatically by installing the AutoTube extension on your PC.

Q4. YouTube video paused Continue watching on Android?

Ans: You cannot watch YouTube nonstop on android as the auto-pause setting cannot be disabled.

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