How To Enable YouTube Live Streaming and Go live ?

How to Enable live streaming on YouTube channel? How to live stream on YouTube?

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If you want to learn how to enable YouTube live streaming, then keep on reading.

Live streaming is a great feature that you must have used on Facebook and Instagram. YouTubers also allows its users to go live and engage with their audiences.

With the pandemic, the trend of using live streaming to engage with your subscribers has catastrophically increased. Viewers have gotten a taste of what it’s like to engage with their favorite creators in real-time.

So to stay relevant and win this audience, you need to start live streaming on YouTube.

Here’s everything you need to know about enabling and setting up a YouTube live stream:

How to enable live streaming on YouTube?

If you are setting up a YouTube live stream for the first time, you need to enable it. Enabling Live streaming on Youtube is a simple process. All you need to do is click on the camera-shaped icon on your YouTube home feed and select the option to “Go Live.”

After you first click on “Go Live,” it takes around 24 hours to enable the feature. Once done, you can start live streaming with your viewers whenever you want. So you don’t have to wait 24 hours every time you wish to live stream on your channel.

  • Go to YouTube
  • Click Create “a camera-shaped icon” in the top right corner and select go live.
  • Follow the prompts to validate your channel if you haven’t previously.
  • It could take up to 24 hours to enable your first live stream.
  • You can start live streaming right away after you’ve enabled it.

Choose a way to stream.

Mobile, webcam, and encoder feeds are the three types of live streaming options available. Choose the best option for the content you’re streaming.


You can live stream from your YouTube mobile app. It’s an easier and more convenient option for live streaming. The freedom to move and accessibility that mobile offers make it the most common way of live streaming.

However, to enable YouTube live streaming on mobile, you must complete the prerequisites.

The biggest eligibility criteria are to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel to mobile live stream.


Using a webcam, you can quickly live stream from your PC.

A computer with a webcam and microphone is required.

You need to allow access to the webcam and microphone to enable YouTube live streaming on PC.


Encoders allow you to stream games, overlays, and utilize hardware such as preamps, mics, and cameras while streaming. Gaming, athletic events, concerts, and conferences are all frequent uses for this type of broadcast.

If you are using another streaming software or recording device to go live on YouTube then you will need the YouTube stream key.

How to live stream on YouTube using PC?

If you’re a newbie to YouTube, this is one of the easiest ways to live stream on YouTube. You simply need to use an external webcam to engage and interact with your viewers. Follow these steps for YouTube live streaming using your browser:

Sign In

  • To stream live, you’ll need a YouTube account.
  • Go to your YouTube account and sign in.
  • A camera-like symbol will appear in the upper right corner of your screen. Simply click the icon.

enable youtube livestreaming

Go Live

Two options will appear: ‘Upload video’ and ‘Go live.’ You must click the ‘Go live’ button.

enable youtube livestreaming

Set Up Live Stream

Next, you will see the options to choose the time of your live stream. Whether you want to go live on YouTube now or schedule it for later, select the option that suits you.

youtube livestreaming

After you have selected the stream time, it’s time to choose the type of stream you wish to start. Select the first option to start streaming using your webcam. It’s the recommended option for first-time users as the second option is a little complicated with additional settings.

youtube livestreaming

Allow Access

Make sure your webcam is turned on. If not, you will receive the pop-up to allow access to your microphone and webcam. Click on allow to continue setting up your live stream on YouTube studio.

live stream on youtube

Add Live Stream Information

You may give your live stream a title to offer your audience an idea of what your live broadcast is about. You can also fill in the description to add more information about the topic of your stream. For example, if it’s a sponsored YouTube live stream, you can add details about the product and brand you will promote for easier access.

how to live stream on youtube

Advanced settings

Select the proper category from the drop-down list. It helps YouTube algorithm segment and recommend your stream to interested viewers online.


how to live stream on youtube


Next, you will see the language setting. Choose the correct language.


live stream on youtube using pc

Add a Thumbnail

You may either choose a thumbnail or upload one.

live stream on youtube

Add Stream Location

YouTube recommends content based on the location, so it’s vital that you specify the recording location. In addition, viewers can join the live stream through location-based suggestions.


live stream on youtube using pc

Customization settings

You can customize the stream according to your requirements.

live streaming on youtube using pc

live streaming on youtube using pc

Visibility Settings

You can choose who can see your live stream. Usually, creators choose the public option allowing everyone to join the live stream.

live streaming on youtube using pc

If you want to schedule the live stream, you can set the date and time here. Once you are done, click on done.

how to live stream on youtube using pc

Stream Preview

Before starting the live stream, check all the settings and information in the stream preview. Once you are satisfied with everything, all that’s left to do is go live on YouTube.

youtube livestreaming

Click on “Go live” and start streaming live with your audience.

Concluding thoughts

Now that you know how to enable YouTube Live Streaming and start a YouTube live stream, use this feature to engage with your audiences and grow your channel.

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