Creative Common License YouTube: Everything You Need To Know!

Can we use Creative Commons license videos on YouTube? How do I find my Creative Commons license on YouTube?

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Do you know about Creative Common License YouTube? If you are a YouTuber already, you must be aware of this feature! If you like something that another YouTube creator produces in their video and want to add it to your video then this feature might help. But can you do it because of copyright issues? Yes, you definitely can! Let’s discuss Creative common license YouTube further.

What is Creative Common License YouTube?

As a creator or artist, if you create something, there is a copyright on the image, video, or song you make to protect your creativity and hard work. The creative commons YouTube allows you as a creator to grant anyone else permission to use your content. But according to your terms and conditions. Let’s understand the criteria for Creative Common License YouTube:

creative commons youtube


What is the eligibility for creative commons attribution YouTube?

Below are the criteria or eligibility that you need to fulfil for creative commons attribution YT:

  • Your content should be original and solely created by you.
  • Other videos should also be marked with CC by license.
  • Finally, your videos should be in the public domain.

How to find YouTube Creative Commons Videos?

This is one of the frequent questions, and today we will show you how to find creative commons attribution YouTube videos. Follow these simple steps to find creative commons videos on YouTube:

1. First, open YouTube on your browser.

2. Then, insert the term of any music or video you want in the search bar on YouTube. For instance, we want to search for birthday music that has the YT creative commons license.

youtube creative commons videos

3. Click on “Filters.”



4.. In the filters options, you need to click on ‘Creative Commons’

YT Creative Commons Videos



Now you can use these YouTube creative commons videos in making your own videos and remixes.

Standard YouTube License vs Creative Commons

If you are a YouTuber, you must be confused between Standard YouTube license vs Creative Commons. Since you don’t know the difference between the two and which one out of the two are more suitable for you! Let’s understand the difference between both so that you can decide for yourself the best one for you.

standard youtube license vs creative commons


If you select Standard YouTube license, then no one can make use of your content. You as a content creator have a right to say “No” to using your content as it might change the meaning of your video. For instance, if you do want people to use your songs to make videos or to make different versions of the song then you can select a standard YouTube license.

Similarly, if you select creative commons license YouTube, then you have given people the right to edit, use alter or make changes in your content. For example, if you wish to enable people to edit, alter or change anything in your piece of content then you can choose the creative commons attribution YouTube!


The Creative Common License YouTube is definitely one of the best features that this video sharing platform has. So Go ahead use it to your advantage initially until to do not have enough exposure on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I use Creative Commons license images on YouTube?

Ans. Yes… you can definitely use creative commons license images on YouTube. Flickr, Wikimedia, Wikipedia, and YouTube are some of the websites where you will be able to find creative commons license images.

Q2. How do I reuse a creative common video on YouTube?

Ans. If you want the YouTube community to edit or make changes to your piece of content, you can simply select the “creative commons attribution YouTube” option from the “License and rights ownership”

Q3. How do I get a Creative Commons license on YouTube?

Ans. 1. Login in to your YouTube account

2. Click on the “Edit video” option to the video you wish to add creative commons license on YouTube.

3. The screen will open to the “basic info” tab.

4. You can click anywhere in the description box and enter the details of the Creative Commons license.

Q4. Can I monetize Creative Commons videos?

Ans. Yes, you can monetize creative commons videos if the license agreement grants you permission to use them commercially.

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