YouTube Community Tab: Everything You Need To Know!

How to Get a YouTube Community Tab? Who can post on YouTube community?

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Do you What are the YouTube Community Tab Requirements? This tab helps you to engage with your audience easily. But do you know how to add a community posts on YouTube? In this blog, let’s understand the YouTube Community Tab requirements.

What are YouTube community tab requirements?

The YT community tab proves to be a boon for the YouTube creators, as it helps them engage with their audience out of the videos they upload. YT allows its creators to add images, texts, polls, and GIFs to engage with the audience. Let’s now discuss the requirements to use Community Tab YT.

The requirements for YouTube community tab before was to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers on your YT channel. Once your channel completes the milestone of having 1000 subscribers, you also get eligible for YouTube monetization too! But remember, you need to have 4000 hours of watch time as well to earn money and get access to YouTube community posts.

how to make a community post on youtube

Are you aware of the change that happened? Recently, YouTube announced that it has reduced the number of subscribers to 500! Yes… you read that right! You can now have the YT community tab on your channel within a week of having 500 subscribers. This came into action on the 12th of October. The video-sharing giant also says that this feature will soon be available for channels with subscribers below 500.

How To Make a Community post on YouTube?

Follow the steps written below on how to get community tab on YouTube:

You need to Sign in to YouTube.

On the upper right side, select “Create and then Create post.”

how to get community tab on youtube

In the box at the top:

You can type a message if you want to create a text post or add text to an image, GIF, or video post.

Choose the video, poll, or image post.

youtube community posts

Finally, Select Post.


Now that you know the YouTube Community Tab requirements you need to be patient, though! Do not expect to have the community tab on YT immediately after your channel has a minimum of 500 subscribers. You need to wait for a week once you have the minimum number of subscribers. Do you know how to add community posts to your YouTube channel? Learn how to make community posts on YouTube to get more engagement with your viewers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I enable the YouTube community tabs on YouTube without 1k subscribers?

Ans. You do not have to wait for 1000 subscribers to get the community tab now! Once your YouTube channel completes 500 subscribers, within a week, YouTube will add the community tab on your YouTube channel.

Q2. How many subscribers do you need to get paid on YouTube?

Ans. Though YouTube has decreased the number of subscribers for the community tab, the eligibility for monetization on YouTube still stands to be 1000 subscribers!

Q3. Why is the Community tab on YouTube?

Ans. YouTube Expands Access to its Community Posting Tab Within Creator Channels. YouTube’s looking to provide opportunities for more creators to engage with their channel visitors by expanding access to its Community posts option, which provides another way for creators to interact and share with fans within the app.

Q4. Why can’t I do a community post on YouTube?

Ans. You need to have 500 subscribers on your YT channel to make community posts.

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