YouTube Community Guidelines 2022

What are YouTube's Community Guidelines? What is the new YouTube policy?

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What are YouTube Community Guidelines? When you start a YT channel, you become a part of the global YouTube community. The YouTube Community Guidelines lay out the basic rules on operating on the platform. If your content violates the YT Community Guidelines, you will be given a strike.

These policies aim to make YouTube a safer community while giving creators the freedom to express themselves on the platform.

These guidelines apply to all the content on YouTube, including videos, Thumbnails, comments, and links. They are reviewed regularly with the help of independent experts and YouTube creators to stay on top of current developments.

What Areas Of Do Community Guidelines Cover?

The following is the list of YouTube Community Guidelines:

Spam And Detective Practices

Sensitive Content

Violent Or Dangerous Content

Regulated Goods

YT community guidelines

YouTube Community Guidelines Strike Basics

What happens when a YT creator gets a strike:

A content creator will be informed by email if a strike is issued. Also, there will be details of violations mentioned in the email. For example, which policy did it break? Which content was removed? So that in the future, the content creator is well informed while uploading a video.

There is a total of 3 strikes that will be issued.

First Strike: The strike will remain on the channel for 90 days, but any content creator will not post any content for one week. For example, a YouTuber cannot upload videos, stories, create, add or remove playlists, live streams, etc.

Second Strike: You will be unable to upload content for two weeks if you receive a second strike during the same 90-day period as your first strike. After two weeks, YT will immediately restore full rights if no more difficulties arise. Each strike shall last for 90 days from the date of issuance.

Third Strike: The third strike would mean permanent suspension of your YouTube channel.

When Does A YouTube Community Guidelines Strike Off A Content Creator?

For example, under Spam and Deceptive Practices, Community Guidelines include:

Fake Engagement: It is prohibited to create content only to persuade users to interact (views, likes, comments, etc.).

Impersonation: The owner’s trademark rights are protected by YouTube. If a creator is proven to be in violation of this policy, the creator’s channel may be terminated.

External link: Links to websites that include content that is in violation of YouTube’s Community Guidelines are not accepted.

Spam, Deceptive, Scam Policies: YouTube does not tolerate information that persuades people to leave YouTube in favor of another site.

Playlist Policies: Any playlist content or videos that are found to be in violation of the standards will be deleted from the platform. For example, a harmful or frightening prank, false information, and so on.

Additional Policies: If a channel is inactive or has not checked in for six months, has not posted a single video, or is not active in commenting on videos, it is considered spam and deceptive activities.

Under Sensitive content the Guidelines are:

YouTube protects the interest of minors. That is why, it has regulations for sex, nudity, self-harm etc. Learn what is and is not permitted on YouTube, as well as what you should do if you come across a video that violates these guidelines. It covers:

Child Safety

Suicide and Self-harm Policy

Nudity Sexual Content policy

Thumbnail policy

These policies are strictly followed by YouTube. It includes if any content is violent or contains disturbing graphics. A strike will be issued against the YouTuber’s channel if it is not appropriate for the audience, or the channel will be banned.

Under Violent and Dangerous Content. 

YouTube does not allow hate speech, predatory conduct, graphic violence, malicious assaults, or material that promotes harmful or risky behavior. The following policies are covered.

Harassment and Cyberbullying

Harmful Or Dangerous Content

Hate Speech

Violent Criminal Organizations

Violent Graphic content

Under Regulated Goods Content YouTube Community Guidelines Includes

YouTube does not allow the sale of certain goods. YouTube’s community guidelines prohibit anybody from selling guns, teaching viewers how to construct firearms, ammunition, or showing them how to install such accessories.

Firearms Policy

Sale of Illegal or regulated goods.


This was a comprehensive set of YouTube community guidelines that YT adhered to. You may most likely receive a warning or a strike if any content breaches these regulations. The channel will be deactivated if any content creator receives three strikes in 90 days. As a result, familiarize yourself with these principles before publishing any video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why do my watch hours decrease?

Ans. It can be due to your subscribers are losing interest in your videos, try to look for trending topics, take inspiration from fellow YouTube creators. Check Google trends data to review your niche.

Q.2 What is the new YouTube policy?

Ans. YouTube’s new terms of service basically reserve the right to display advertisements on any video it chooses. Creators who are not a member of YPP, on the other hand, will not be compensated for the adverts that YouTube places on their videos. The new regulation will be implemented on June 1, 2021.

Q.3 What happens if you break YouTube community guidelines?

Ans. If your content violates community guidelines you will be issued a strike. A total of 3 strikes are issued, after which the YT channel will be suspended permanently by YouTube.

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