What To Do When YouTube Ads Out Of Control?

How do I get rid of annoying ads on YouTube? How to Stop Ads on YouTube?

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We all know how YouTube Ads out of control now! We are watching more ads now as compared to the videos! This can get really annoying when there are unskippable ads. We are now dreaming of YouTube no ads. Therefore in this blog, we will be stating some solutions to the YouTube Ads out of control issue!

What To Do When YouTube Ads Out of Control?

YouTube advertising developed for good but for the viewers, these YT ads are getting annoying. So how do we control it? Here are some of the solutions that we can try now to avoid the YouTube increased ads 2021.

  • Block ads on YouTube app
  • For ad-free YouTube, you need to Turn off ads on your YT channel

Let’s learn in detail about the above pointers:

How To Get Ad-free YouTube?

To get YouTube no ads, you need to block ads, here how you can block YouTube advertising on your iPhone

Follow these easy steps on how to block ads on the YouTube app for iOS:

Download an Adblocker from the app store on your iPhone.

1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone

2. Tap on “Safari”

youtube advertising

3. Click on “Content Blockers”

YT advertising

4. Turn on the “Content Blockers”

youtube no ads

How to turn off ads on YouTube

Here are some easy steps on how to turn off ads on YouTube: 

1. Log in to YouTube and click on the user icon on the upper right side.

turn off ads on youtube

2. Now, select “YouTube Studio”

YT studio

3. Once you are on the YouTube Studio interface, on the left side you need to tap on “Content.” You will see a list of videos that you have posted.

YouTube Studio

4. Click on the video that you want to turn off ads on YouTube for.

ad free youtube

5. Once the “video details” page opens up, click on “Monetization”

YT Monetization

6. The “video monetization” page opens up. Click on the dropdown arrow and select “Off”.

Youtube monetization

7. Finally, click on “Save.”

youtube premiumNow you know how to turn off ads on YouTube, you can stop the ads for a particular video that you don’t want to run ads on!

If you want to watch videos without ads, then you can use YouTube premium.


Since the YouTube Ads Out of Control, we now have a solution to restrict the annoying YouTube ads every 2 minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I block YouTube ads?

Ans. You can add an ad blocker to your browser extension or simply use the YouTube premium version to avoid ads on YouTube.

Q2. Why does YouTube have so many ads now in 2021?

Ans. YouTube wants to increase the ad revenue and also wants to draw more users to the platform. Hence there are a lot of ads running on YT lately.

Q3. Why can’t I skip ads on YouTube?

Ans. YouTube had unskippable ads before as well. If the ad is 30 seconds or longer only then there is a “skip ad” option. If the ads are shorter then usually they are unskippable ads.

Q4. Why is YouTube showing ads on my channel?

Ans. YouTube runs ads on all your uploaded videos. Even if you are not a part of the YPP, there will be ads running on your videos.

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