5 Digital Tools Every YouTube Creator Should Have!

Powerful Tools YouTubers need to grow Their YouTube Channels

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A passionate YouTube creator must know some YouTube tools to grow on YouTube.

It might take a long time and a lot of money to make the ideal YouTube video. But with the help of technology and the best tools for YouTube creators, that will offer everything required to grow the YouTube channel.

YouTube is the second most powerful platform after Google. There are 500 hours of videos uploaded daily on YouTube. Creating and advertising a video, on the other hand, isn’t exactly child’s play. It is unquestionably more difficult than creating the content. Is this, however, a reason for you to avoid it? Certainly not. Many YouTube marketing tools are available to assist.

The Best Tools For YouTube Creators


Canva is a YouTube marketing tool that allows you to generate stunning, professional-quality featured pictures for your video content. In addition, their user-friendly interface allows you to design a professional-looking YouTube banner and channel art in various styles and fonts.

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Canva is an excellent tool for designing graphics. Cava provides templates for all of the graphics you’ll need for your YouTube videos. Channel banners, video thumbnails, and profile icons are examples of this.

It’s essentially free to use, while a premium edition with more sophisticated features is also available. Plus, you’ll get access to a more extensive collection of images and illustrations.


VidIQ is a terrific tool for YouTubers that allows you to expand your channel with far less time and work than would be required otherwise. It’s a comprehensive bundle that includes everything you’ll need to get your channel to the top of the competition’s list.

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There are many vital features of VidIQ that includes keyword research tool, competitor analysis, thumbnail generator etc. In addition, it connects to YouTube and transforms your channel into a data-driven world. For example, some measures show how many times a video has been seen in an hour.

VidIQ manages your SEO and provides you with regular updates on your channel’s success. So now, you may correct it as soon as you see an issue.

There are basic, basic pro, boost and boost+ plans available to use this YouTube tool.


Coming up with ideas for videos is a significant difficulty for most YouTube content makers. A topic that can pique your target audience’s attention. In other words, anything that is now popular. Why would someone be interested in it if it wasn’t interesting, to begin with? That’s where BuzzSumo comes in. You can make the most of this YT marketing tool. First, you can use their social search option to find what video content is popular on YouTube. Then, you can take inspiration from YouTube videos.

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Tubebuddy is a fantastic browser plugin that makes it simple to manage your YouTube channel. The best part is that it streamlines your channel management efforts by providing an all-in-one solution under one roof. This programme is a terrific resource for all YouTubers out there, with features such as controlling your productivity, mass marketing, video SEO, statistics & research, and more.

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You may try out the free version first and then upgrade to the premium version if you’re happy. The premium editions are relatively affordable and include numerous features that are not available in the free version.


You now understand the significance of having your YouTube video appear in search results. That’s pretty much the only way your YouTube content will gain genuine traction. And, whenever there are searches, the appropriate keywords are required.

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The YouTube keyword tool is a free programme that assists you in finding the best keywords for your videos. Moreover, it allows you to locate precisely the ones that YouTube users are looking for.


It’s not all fun and games when making a video. It necessitates meticulous preparation, the completion of several minor and ample activities, and the optimization of the film to meet objectives. These tools may help YouTube creators make the process easier and guarantee that they’re posting the most pleasing possible video for their viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What tools do you need to be a YouTuber?

Ans. To start a YouTube channel, some of the basic things you require are a camera to shoot videos. A video editing software to edit your content. An external microphone and a tripod stand.

Q.2 Which tool is best for YouTube channel?

Ans. Our article has mentioned some of the tools you can try like Canva, Keywordtools.io etc.

Q.3 What tools do you need to make a YouTube video?

Ans. Depending on how much you want to spend on editing tools, you can try iMovie and Windows Movie Maker.

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