How to get a Sponsorship Button on your YouTube Channel? Beginner’s Guide

How do you get your first sponsor on YouTube? How do I get my YouTube channel sponsored?

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Are you wondering how to get a sponsorship button on YouTube? If you are a YouTuber, you know that you can earn extra income by getting the sponsor button. Do you want to earn an additional income on YouTube? Here’s how you can get the sponsorship button for your YouTube channel.

YouTube Sponsorship button: Meaning

YouTube has initially launched the button for gaming channels. But YouTube received a good response for this feature and introduced this for the non-gaming YT channels too! Alongside the ‘Subscribe’ button and the bell icon, there are other options like ‘Join’ or ‘Sponsor.’


YouTube permits your viewers to sponsor your YouTube channel at $5 as monthly fees. In addition, they will be eligible to view exclusive content on your YouTube channel.

Benefits of getting the sponsor button

  • You can earn a passive income and other monetary benefits from the ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.
  • As a YouTube creator, this will allow you to build a connection with your viewers who have turned into your channel sponsors now.
  • Getting the Sponsor button will also help you understand your audience’s expectations, and you can build your content strategy accordingly.
  • You will also get a public badge beside your YouTube channel name, differentiating your channel from other YT channels.

Steps to get the sponsor button

You need to have more than 30K subscribers

Your YouTube channel needs to have a minimum of 30,000 subscribers. If you see any channel with less than 30K subscribers yet have the YouTube sponsorship button, that might be because of the beta version that YouTube has launched.

Be a part of the YPP


If you are a YouTube creator, you know that you cannot earn money without being a part of the YouTube Partner Program. Therefore, you need to fulfill the below requirements to be a part of the YPP:

  1. First, you need to get a 2 step verification done for your Google account.
  2. Then, within the past 12 months, you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers with 4000 hours of watch time.
  3. Finally, sign the YouTube Partner Program’s terms and conditions.
  4. Create an AdSense account.
  5. Once you sign the YPP, your account will be reviewed.

Get traffic on your YouTube channel

Optimize your YouTube Channel’s using the SEO techniques:

  • Make use of keywords in the Youtube video title and description
  • Use a standard thumbnail for your videos
  • Use keywords in the YouTube tags
  • Keep engaging with your audience
  • Post videos on your YouTube channel consistently

Use platforms to get sponsorship

You can reach out to platforms like Grapevine, Frambit, and BrandConnect to help you get brands. You can endorse products from these platforms to earn income.

Concluding thoughts

With the YouTube Sponsorship button feature, you will earn 70%, and YouTube gets 30% of the amount. Do not lose the opportunity to earn passive income from the sponsor button on YouTube.

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