How To Easily Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

5 Tips For Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

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Wondering how to manage multiple social media accounts? Then, you are in the right place because we will elaborate upon managing the work stress when you juggle between too many social media accounts, whether for your own business or a large corporation. If you are a social media manager, let us look at some ideas to help you manage your social media marketing activities with a breeze.

One of the most effective tools accessible to small and medium businesses is social media. However, each social media platform is unique and demanding. Therefore, social media managers have to curate a strategy for each platform, create unique and engaging posts, use the right tone, target the right audience, etc.

It all comes down to combining your efforts and making the most of the platforms. However, it is not that complicated. With simple social media management tools, you can manage different accounts that could help drive a successful business. Managing multiple social media accounts is all about staying organized.

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How Many Accounts Should A Social Media Manager Have?

Honestly, there is no correct answer to this question. It varies depending on the size of the business, your goals and your target audience. You may reach most social media users by publishing on one or two major social media sites. However, the platforms you use — and how many you use — will differ.

Each social media platform caters to a different demographic and age group. For example, Instagram caters to the youth between the age of 15-30 years.

In an ideal situation, starting slow in your approach will be perfect. It’s preferable to accomplish a fantastic job on a few accounts rather than a poor job on many.

Pros and Cons of Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts?

We have made a comprehensive list of points to understand the possible benefits and downside of managing different social media accounts for organizations.


Topic Specific- Having several accounts allows you to share content with various audiences. Instead of engaging everyone at once, customer segmentation enables specialized accounts to focus on specific topics.

Location Specific- If your company has many sites throughout the state or country, having a separate account for each region might help you customize content to meet the specific demands of local clients. They’ll feel as though they’re being catered to, which may boost engagement substantially.


More work: Having more accounts implies that social media managers will have more work to do. Consider a new method if you don’t have the time or money to complete extra work.

Managing branding: If you have many accounts with different departments, keeping your branding consistent may be more challenging. A well-documented brand and social plan will come in helpful in this situation.

How To Easily Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

Now that you have a fair share of an idea of how many accounts a social media manager should have, the pros and cons of it. So, let us move on to the next step that you can follow to make each of your accounts run smoothly and efficiently.

Use A Social Media Management Software

Invest in social media management tools like Buffer, which allows you to manage publishing and engagement from one platform.

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With the touch of a button, you may post content to several accounts on multiple networks simultaneously.

Document Your Social Media And Branding Strategy

It’s all too simple to let several accounts run loose. If you decide to have numerous accounts, you’ll need a plan in writing, as well as a style guide. You can make a general plan and a specific account strategy, but the concept remains the same. Documented strategies make it easier for teams to communicate with one another.

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Create An Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars help provide direction and ensure that your social media campaign is on track. This may be accomplished by using social media management software or sharing a basic document with your social media team.

It gathers all of the information in one location and serves as a resource for Social Media Managers. It can also assist you in identifying any gaps or opportunities in your social media posting plan.

Post At The Right Time And Frequency For Each Network

Figure out and discover the best time to post on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Research by reading multiple blogs that can help you come up with the exact best time for you.

Also, you can use various analytics tools to help you, and once you understand the time and frequency, automate your postings to relieve some of your work stress.

Use Templates For Content Creation

It is imperative to have a distinct brand look and voice while growing your social media following on different platforms. Templates cut down on time to generate a new social post while also ensuring that your content is consistent.

Put Aside Time For Engagement

Building and maintaining a social media following requires a high level of engagement. Don’t forget to include time to reply to comments, mentions, tags, and DMs in your daily routine. Put this on your calendar every day and schedule time to add the “social” to your social media accounts.

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Analyze Your Strategy

Each social media site comes with its own set of analytics tools. When it comes to managing many social media accounts for business purposes and reporting, though, an analytics tool is your best choice. A unified report must have a complete grasp of numerous social media accounts.

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Bottom Line

You can apply these strategies to manage multiple social media accounts without much hassle. The possibility of success is always within reach with solid planning, sensible investment, and excitement on the part of your social media team. Please make sure you create multiple accounts for the right reasons, not because your competitor has it. Every business has limited resources, and you should make the most of yours to get the most out of social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do you manage multiple social media clients?

Ans. Create different accounts for each client, create unique content according to clients’ requirements, and use other social media management software tools to manage various clients simultaneously.

Q.2 Is there an app that combines all social media?

Ans. Yes, many apps combine all social media platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer, Buzzsumo etc.

Q.3 Is it better to have multiple social media accounts?

Ans. Using numerous social media sites to attract new business once someone has been a client may be a terrific method to increase revenue. It gives you another way to communicate with them, promote special deals, and create a second point of contact for potential clients.

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