How to clear cookies on chrome in 3 quick steps?

How do I clear cookies out? What is the shortcut to clear cache in Chrome?

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If you are looking for a quick guide to learn how to clear cookies on chrome then keep reading.

Clearing the cache and cookies from your browser is often the first troubleshooting fix for most of your browser-related issues.

What happens when you delete browser cookies and cache?

Clearing the Cache and Cookies from a web browser is an important first step for almost any troubleshooting for internet browsing.

The ‘cache’ is a tool used by your internet browser to speed up the page loading process.

However, sometimes it can cause a problem when websites are updated and developed as files saved in the cache may conflict with what’s actually coded into the website.

Clearing Cache and Cookies is a way we can be sure that any issues you may come across are actually something wrong with the website, rather than inconsistencies caused by using different browsers.

Keyboard Shortcut for Accessing Clear Browsing Data Setting Page

Most browsers like Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox allow users to quickly clear cache with a keyboard shortcut. Open your browser and press Ctrl + Shift + Delete simultaneously on the keyboard to open the “Clear browsing data” settings window.

How to Clear Cache on Chrome?

  • Open Chrome.
  • Click on the three dots on the upper-right corner of your screen.

how to clear cache on chrome

  • Select More tools

remove cache from chrome

  • Click on Clear Browsing Data. This will take you to the clear browsing data page.

remove cookies from chrome


  • Select Cookies and other site data, cached files, and images

clear browsing data

  • Click on Clear data

On the same page, you will find the option to delete browsing history.

clear browsing history

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How often should I clear cookies?

Ans: You should clear all site cookies and cache at least once a month. It helps keep your browser safe from any problems and issues. It also clears space on your computer.

Q2. Should I clear cookies on my computer?

Ans: Yes, clearing cookies regularly on your computer is a good habit. Cookies and other site data saved on your device eat up your computer’s storage space.

Q3. Is clearing cookies the same as clearing cache?

Ans: Although in a lot of browsers the options for clearing the cache and clearing cookies are in the same place they are not the same thing.

Q4. Does clearing cache on Chrome delete passwords?

Ans: No, clearing cache does not delete your passwords if you proceed with clearing the cache without checking the checkbox before the ‘Passwords and other sign-in data’ field.


Follow the steps we mentioned above to quickly clear cookies on chrome.

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